What Every Expecting Mom Must Know About the Webster Technique

Hi. I’m Dr. Emil Tompkins. Today we’re going to talk about breach position and chiropractic. There were a couple of studies that I was going over that talked about women who are presenting, their babies are presenting breech, and certain chiropractic techniques that are designed to help with that.

There’s a specific technique that we perform in our office, it’s called the Webster technique. It’s designed to help balance pelvic positioning. This technique, when successful, it allows the baby to have absolutely as much room as they can possibly have, so they can set in a more normal position. What then happens is you’ll see babies that maybe had been presenting breach, once the pelvis gets aligned in the right way with the Webster technique, then we start to see the baby turn. It’s a really amazing experience when it happens.

Most of the studies on the Webster technique show that in about 69% of pregnant moms who’s baby is breach the babies turn.

Now, a couple of keys for success:

  1. If your baby is in the breech position and you want to see a change, come into your chiropractor as early as you possibly can. Usually we need a series of adjustments to really make as much change as we can, so come in as early as you can.
  2. Go to a chiropractor that is trained in the Webster technique, that way they can make the most difference in the positioning of your pelvis, in the safest way that’s best for you baby and for delivery. I’m Dr. Emil Tompkins, a Webster Technique Certified Chiropractor, and I wish you a very healthy pregnancy.


What Every Expecting Mom Must Know About the Webster Technique
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